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Are we local? Literally down the street. Minority-owned? Definitely. Family-run business? My 5-year-old helps write our emails. 

We feel like a mom and pop because we are, but with the same modern systems and infrastructure as the big dogs.

We work hard to listen to the needs of our schools and families by constantly asking for feedback. If you haven't heard from Hank, our magical delivery owl who lives on customer feedback, you probably will soon.

Not only do we offer a year-long guarantee that covers wear, we also have a super easy return policy with no time limit. Read more about it here.

Our uniforms are some of the highest quality you can find and we take special requests seriously. Have unique sizing or fabric needs? Let us know and we'll take care of it.

We believe very strongly in the mission and life-changing effects of quality schools. We know that great schools work hard to stay great, and parents work hard to send their children there; they both deserve a uniform experience that is fast, easy, and allows them to focus on the core job of educating their children.

Why We Do This

Hello, my name is Geoff Dennie and a great school changed my life. I grew up going to underperforming public schools, and by the end of middle school was struggling both academically and behaviorally. My parents worked hard, sacrificed a lot, and were able to send me to a private high school. 

For the first time, I had an academically rigorous environment, teachers who made it clear they cared about me, and classrooms of peers who challenged me.  

I now have the privilege of owning Max & Alice School Uniforms. By providing quality uniforms with excellent customer service, I get to do my part to support both great schools and the parents who work so hard to send their children there. I also like to think that by providing uniforms for these great schools, we’re doing our little part to support strong communities, and to help raise kind people who will go out and do great things, of course, but will also go out and do those little things that make the world better for one person at a time.

Who Are Max & Alice?

Want to know how we came up with the name? Spoiler: they're not our kids' names (even though they're really cool kids names)

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What are those icons all about?

Is it just because they look cool? Yes and no. Yes, they look cool, and no, there is also deeper significance for us there.

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What do you mean by "a great school changed my life"?

I didn't have enough space to go into detail, but it was a little thing that was really a big thing. Want to know more?

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Max & Alice School Uniforms

3205 Powell Ave, Suite B
Nashville, TN 37204

Tues - Fri, 10:00am - 6:00pm
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Closed Sundays

Open Mondays June - October

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