Social Media Contributor

We're in kind of a weird spot with social media - we make the uniforms, but you're the ones who get to learn/have fun in them. And our Instagram account can only handle so much making-the-uniforms content.

So would you like to share your adventures and hone your social media prowess? Send a pic along with your caption and anyone to tag to If we accept it, we'll have Hank bring you a cool $10.

Blog Contributor

I know, I know - we get to write about SCHOOL UNIFORMS! Does that ever get old? Nope. But just in case...

Do you have an essay, poem, or piece of artwork you're proud of? Send your masterpiece to If we publish it to the blog, we'll send you $10 on Hank's snowy-white wings.

Summer Help

Looking for a summer job? Have we got a seasonal business for you!

We're looking for students who exhibit our core values and want to earn some spending money. If you're interested, send us a note at explaining why and we'll be in touch.

If you're accepted, we'll have to pay to via direct deposit instead of magical delivery beast (not because Hank doesn't want to; it's just that he's not great at taxes).

Get in Touch

Any questions/suggestions?

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