What are those icons all about?

What are those icons all about?

Are the crown, tree, heart, and owl icons just there because they look cool? Well, yes. At least, we hope you think they look cool.

But they also have deeper significance for us. First, they correlate with our core values in doing business (you can check that out here). 

Second, as parents, we think a lot about what we want for our kids, and, by extension, for all the kids who come through our doors.

The Crown is for power. We want kids to grow into their own power, and learn to set the course for their lives. We also want them to learn to use that power with grace and humility. 

We chose the tree for a number of reasons. First, we want kids to grow big and strong. Second, we want them to develop roots – both deep roots and wide roots that support, and are supported by, the rest of the forest. Last, childhood is sometimes like a dark forest – a place where there is danger, but also the place you have to go to find adventure, growth, and treasure.

The heart is a little on the nose (but no less important because of it) – we want kids to learn to love and to be loved. 

Finally, the owl because knowledge alone isn’t enough – we also want kids to grow in the wisdom they need to use that knowledge well.

So there you have it – the story behind the cool icons you’ll see around sometimes.