Who Are Max & Alice?

Who Are Max & Alice?

We worked really hard on our name, and we really hope you like it. People often ask who Max and Alice are, so thought we’d explain it here. 

First off, they’re not the names of our kids, even though that would be super-cool, but we didn’t think ahead to store branding when we had them, and also we had two daughters, which throws off the brand’s gender balance.

When we were thinking of names, we thought about the one thing that schools, parents, and we as uniform providers have in common: we all care about kids and their development.

Childhood is a time that is sacred, magical, confusing, and a little bit scary. So we thought about two characters from our childhood who illustrate that: Max from Where the Wild Things Are and Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

We love the story of Max wrestling with his anger, fear, restlessness, and eventually loneliness as he journeys to the Land of the Wild Things and back to his mother’s love. And while we love the story of Alice’s adventures, the main thing we were thinking about is Lewis Carroll whiling away a sunny afternoon with a child he loved by entertaining her with a story, then taking the time to write it all down for her.

As parents ourselves, we know that it is a blessing to get to care for your children as they grow up, and to get to help them navigate all of the big events and feelings they go through. And we know that choosing the school to help you do that is one of the most important decisions you can make.

We hope that our name calls to mind what an incredible (and sometimes incredibly difficult) responsibility we all have in raising our children, and what a blessing it is that we all get to work together.