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Brentwood Academy is proud to be associated with Max & Alice School Uniforms. We have benefitted from the expertise, personal service and friendship of owner and operator Geoff Dennie. The customization of our uniforms, quality of the product and satisfaction of the Brentwood Academy community as we have transitioned to our uniform has been outstanding.

Andy Bradshaw, Associate Head of School, Brentwood Academy

We implemented uniforms at our school 3 years ago. After looking at several different providers, we felt that Geoff and his team were the best fit for us. After 3 years of working with them, we have not been disappointed. They have been timely in their responses to us and to our parents. Although they serve several schools in the Nashville area, both large and small, we always feel as if we are the only school they are serving.  Geoff and his team take the time to find out what works best for our school and strive to help make our uniform program as simple as possible for our families. I can't imagine working with any other company.

Rusty Campbell, Principal, Pleasant View Christian School

Oak Hill School has been a proud partner with Max and Alice for over ten years..Excellent service and an excellent product have been markers of our experience with them.   The friendly employees are attentive and accommodating to the needs of the customer - willing to go the extra mile when needed. The uniforms fit our students well and the selection of products appeal to the range of our student population. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them. 

Brenda Boon, Director of Lower School, Oak Hill School

Donelson Christian Academy (DCA) has been with Geoff Dennie at Max & Alice School Uniforms for the past 4 years. He and his staff have ALWAYS been incredibly accommodating, helpful, knowledgeable, and great to work with. We hope that the relationship continues to grow and together we can partner to allow our families quality uniforms with exceptional customer service.

Deleen Cooper, Assistant to DCA Head of School

I have been working with Geoff Dennie as our school liaison since 2018.  From the start, Geoff made himself available in person or by phone as we transitioned to contracting with Max & Alice. This customer service would be expected since we were new and he wanted to make sure we had everything we needed as well as our parents. Since then, he has maintained the same caliber of customer service and always responds quickly to any email or phone calls. He has even offered for me to give his personal cell phone number to our parents as they were waiting for pants that were impacted but the supply chain issues of 2021. Our parents have been equally pleased by the customer service they receive when they shop in the store. We are so grateful for the top notch service he has provided! 

Kristen Jones, Director of Student Life, St. Paul Christian Academy

The staff at Max & Alice School Uniforms is extremely helpful, and the shopping experience is top notch - no need to wait for an appointment - just walk in and your section is well stocked. They are accommodating, responsive, and have phenomenal customer service. Owner Geoff Dennie is great to work with and will personally call and make sure our needs are being met.    

AshleyPage, NCS Spirit Store

Our Core job
Customer Is King

We have the privilege of serving great schools, great parents,
and great kids. We treat them like they’re special because they are.

How we see our work
Chop Wood, Carry Water

Doing a great job at anything is a process. We do the little
things every day that add up over time. We follow the process, we work hard, and
we work with an eye to the good of the team.

How we do our work
Contribute with Care

Details matter. We care about what we’re doing and take the
time to get it right.

How we see ourselves
Always Learning and Improving

Everything can always be improved. We have a problem-solving
mindset – we look for ways that we, and the business, can be better and we implement

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